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The peer-review process is at the core of scientific publishing. Scientific publication including statistical data analysis, results, figures etc. Is the ultimate product of scientist work conducted in research laboratories or any associated organization. The number of publications and their quoting are measures of scientist success while unpublished researches are invisible to the scientific community, and as such nonexistent and published abruptly. Researchers in their work rely on their predecessors, while the extent of use of one scientist work, as a source for the work of other authors is the verification of its contributions to the growth of human knowledge. If the author has already published an article in a scientific journal it cannot again be published as article in any other journal with a few minor adjustments or without quoting parts of the first article, which are used in another article as new publication. The author has to maintain the integrity, uniqueness and validity of data’s used for new one.

Jayden publishers journal team after receiving manuscripts follows peer reviewing process to avoid duplicity and recommends authors to have self-plagiarism. The journal in order to retain it clarity and transparency avoids copycat actions. The submitted article undergoes strict plagiarism check through our double check process involving software and manual checking. If any default is found or detected the author is intimated to rewrite content with related amendments. The uniqueness is subjected to top priority.