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Case Reports, Case Studies and Clinical Trials

Journal of Case Reports, Case Studies and Clinical Trials is one of the new Journals that focus to publish, detailed clinical and medical case reports, social and life science case studies, and clinical trials research. With strategic analysis and pioneering research, physicians, scientists, researchers and principal investigators striving hard to cure several ailments besides presenting a detailed report of these medical cases to help further treatments. Clinical trials, being an essential part of drug research and safety plays a major role in treating these medical cases.

This journal will be the best platform to publish the standard excellence of physicians, scientists, researchers, experts and principal investigators, which help the young researchers, students and graduates to gain knowledge and further advance in their research with their innovative skills. The Journal publishes articles in all the areas of case reports, case studies and clinical trials.

Aim and Scope

Journal of Case Reports, Case Studies and Clinical Trials aims to promulgate the creative protocols, original research studies, practical development of experimental studies in the fields of clinical, medical, life sciences and social sciences. This research will not only support the scientific research world but also the educational society by implementing these new techniques at initial stages of education. The Journal assures to publish the reports that enhance the ideas of scientific world.

The broad scope of the journal includes but not limited to;

  • Clinical Case Reports
  • Medical Case Reports
  • Psychology Case Studies
  • Anthropology Case Studies
  • Sociology Case Studies
  • Clinical Science Case Studies
  • Clinical Trails
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Study Design
  • Pilot Experiments
  • Preclinical Studies
  • Case Reports on Cardiology
  • Case Reports on Neurology
  • Case Report on Obstetrics
    s and Gynecology
  • Case Reports on Dentistry
  • Case Reports on Pulmonology
  • Case Reports on Stem Cells
  • Case Reports on Radiology
  • Case Reports on Anesthesia
  • Surgical Case Reports
  • Cytology Case Reports
  • Pathology Case Reports
  • Psychology Case Reports
  • Dermatology and Aesthetic Case Reports
  • Hematology Case Reports
  • Case Reports on
    Internal Medicines
  • Oncology Case Reports
  • Case Reports on Pediatrics
  • Case Reports on Pathology
  • Case Reports on Orthopaedics
  • Clinical Trails Phase I
  • Clinical Trails Phase II
  • Clinical Trails Phase III
  • Clinical Trails Phase IV
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