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Archives of Animal and Veterinary Science

Archives of Animal and Veterinary Science is a multidisciplinary international online journal that focuses to publish the new scientific and educational discoveries of animal and veterinary sciences. The Journal concentrates to present, from basic fundamental knowledge to practical research that helps for the health and well-being of both domestic and wild animals. This is the best platform that promulgates the unique content of animal and veterinary science.

The Journal will be at the forefront to publish the cutting edge discoveries which aids the students in education and researchers in their research.The promising content of the researchers are reserved as periodicals. Archives of Animal and Veterinary Science Journal strive hard to maintain the periodicals of the research excellence of both animal and veterinary sciences.

Aim & Scope:

Archives of Animal and Veterinary Science Journal, aims to be the state-of-centre for all the information regarding the animal and veterinary science. Eminent researchers as editorial board members will support in publishing high quality articles by strict valuation. This is prime forum for the researchers, students, scientists, zoologists and veterinarians to share their ideas, skills and expertise that supports the educational and scientific society.

The Journal scope includes the below topics but not limited to;

  • Animal Health
  • Animal Bioscience
  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Genetics
  • Animal Diseases
  • Animal Epidemiology
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Veterinary Research
  • Animal Reproduction
  • Animal Drug
  • Veterinary Toxicology
  • Veterinary Vaccine
  • Veterinary Oncology
  • Fisheries Research
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Livestock
  • Animal Breeding
  • Clinical Veterinary Sciences
  • Wildlife Genomics
  • Wildlife Disease Ecology
  • Equine Research
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